Our instructors are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all of them are kind, committed and inspirational.


Barre Instructor

Britta McCombie is in her first-year teaching barre, but is a veteran when it comes to taking class. Growing up, Britta was always active in sports, but once competitions came to a close, she found group fitness classes a great way to remain active. In particular, she found Barre to be a fun exercise to stay in shape, but also a place to relax and escape from every day stressors. She looks forward to making classes fun with energetic playlists, while maintaining an atmosphere to help clients achieve their personal goals. 
Full time, Britta is a Project Manager at Mon Health Medical Center. When she isn’t in the studio or busy with work, you can find her baking in her kitchen, traveling to explore a new city, or, at the football stadium, cheering on the Mountaineers!


Yoga Instructor

Christopher Fomukong, 200-RYT, started his yoga journey in 2015 when a friend suggested that yoga is the best way to cultivate mindfulness. After a few months of practicing Yin Yoga, Chris wanted to deepen his yoga practice which led him to achieve his 200-RYT in 2016. Chris has realized that yoga is a practice of acceptance and gratitude through self-improvement. He believes yoga helps us walk the abstract line between surrender and hard work. Chris is experienced in teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga.

“If the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear to us as is, infinite” – William Blake


Yoga Instructor

Dani is a 500 HR ERYT. She began practicing yoga when she moved out to Oakland, CA in early 90’s. After a few years she moved back to NJ/NYC area where it was quickly realised there’s no yoga. Dani began practicing and passing along the teachings to others through what she remembered and whatever information she picked up from reading books found at the library. Flash forward to 2008 when Dani’s sister-in-law took her to Garden State Yoga and her world flipped upside down. Not only found a place to take class but was introduced to a man who would become her teacher, Christopheray Mankowski, a teacher who is well known and highly respected in the Iyengar Community as C-Ray. With years of self study/ over a decade of assisting C-Ray, Dani has blossomed into a true teacher’s teacher. Known for keeping sequencing interesting, intelligent direction, and beats crazy…. Highly influenced by Hip Hop and it philosophies be ready to learn on a different plane.

“Hip is to know, it’s a form of intelligence. To be hip is to be updated and relevant. Hop is a form of movement, you can’t just observe a hop, you gotta hop up and do it. Hip and hop is more than music. Hip is the Knowledge, Hop is the Movement. Hip Hop is intelligent movement.” -KrsOne


Yoga Instructor

Jennifer Jurosco, Yoga Alliance RYT® 200, began her yoga practice in 2015.  While she initially began hot yoga as a respite from the cold, snowy Morgantown winters, she soon realized the positive effect a consistent practice had on her physical and mental health.  Linking breath with movement cultivated a newfound stillness of mind and inner peace that she wanted to share with others.  Jennifer’s classes include a strong workout with a focus on alignment, sequencing and self-compassion.  There is also always great music and sometimes there are bad jokes.  She believes that no class is complete without Cat Cow pose and she hopes that students leave her classes feeling confident, strong and grounded.  Off the mat, she loves traveling, reading, green juice and great food.


Yoga Instructor



Barre Instructor

I went through training at Suncrest yoga and has been certified in barre for almost a year. I received 250+ hours of hands on training based on terminology, choreography and anatomy with a focus on modifications and challenges for every level. With a background in 14 years of dancing and 2 years of teaching dance, barre was a fun way to infuse my dance experience and techniques with a workout. I love to inspire people through fun playlists, plank challenges, and emphasizing toning and flexibility exercises! 


Barre Instructor

Madison Mazza started taking barre in Charlotte, NC pre-pandemic. After moving back to her home state of West Virginia, she continued her barre practice at Empower Yoga & Fitness and quickly fell in love with the workout and the studio. She then decided to make the exciting leap to become an instructor. Madison is a mental health therapist in Morgantown and values taking care of your body as well as your mind. She enjoys the up beat pace of barre as well as the fun music and the friends she has made along the way!


Yoga Instructor

Mercy is a 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher and Buti Yoga® certified Instructor. In addition to her passion for yoga, she is equally passionate about her other loves –pole fitness, running, Muay Thai kickboxing, and boxing.  She found yoga in 2011 in Houston, Texas following a yoga DVD to improve and recover from her Muay Thai and Pole fitness training.  In 2012 she moved from Houston to Morgantown, WV and continued her yoga practice.  Several years later, she hit a difficult spot in life and really struggled.  It was then that yoga became much more to her.  Through sweat and hard work on her mat, she found her space to breathe, to let all things go for the moment, to focus on the here and now, and to move with purpose. By finding that space, she found the clarity she needed to rise above the struggles she fought.  What she found in yoga she wanted to help others find.  In 2019 she found Suncrest Yoga’s teacher training program and became certified. 


Yoga Instructor

Michele began practicing yoga in 2009 as a way to combat stress from graduate school and her current job as a WVU History professor, and to soothe sore muscles from cycling, running, and weightlifting. She practiced somewhat regularly upon moving to Morgantown in 2013, and decided to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor in 2016. Michele thought that teaching yoga was an extension of her day job and she has taught at Suncrest Yoga since 2016. Her classes are challenging and fun and reflect her outlook on life: if something is worth doing, sometimes it has to be a bit difficult. Michele is currently seeking her 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification. Her favorite yoga style for her own practice is Ashtanga. Michele splits her time between Morgantown, Europe, and Mexico, and in her free time enjoys playing with her dog Neil Young, photography, traveling, and of course, teaching yoga! 


Yoga Instructor

Rebecca was first introduced to yoga by a very good natured, relentless friend who insisted that she go to a yoga class with her. After some weeks of convincing, Rebecca reluctantly ended up in a hot vinyasa style flow class. After reaching a sweet, sweaty savasana (resting pose) at the end of class, she realized she couldn’t wait to come again. Because of this, Rebecca enjoys inviting the most skeptical of friends to come to yoga with her still to this day.
In 2019, Rebecca did a yoga teaching training with Nicole Yost Ross at Suncrest Yoga in hopes of furthering her own practice. During her time in the program, she also developed a passion for sharing the practice with others and will be completing a 95 hour children’s yoga teacher training in 2020. When attending a class with Rebecca, you can expect to find your breath, move mindfully through your practice, and focus on letting go of the tension that isn’t serving you on your mat.
When not in yoga, some of Rebecca’s other favorite things include reading, helping her rescue animals live their best lives, and sitting down alongside her husband, Jarrett, for a cup of a warm beverage.


Yoga Instructor

Suhil finished his 200 level teacher training in April 2015. Many local yogis have known him as the owner of Morgantown Power Yoga! He discovered yoga in 2013 with a suggestion of a friend. He got a hint of what this practice was all about in shavasana after a few classes. After that day, he dove head first into the cold water. Suhil’s yoga classes are a breath based power vinyasa flow that gives the practitioners the freedom to listen to themselves throughout the session. Each class is designed organically, at the same time, challenging, empowering and thawing you into your trustiness. In addition to yoga and meditation, Suhil’s other loves are fishing, hiking, traveling, reading, sharing smiles, cooking and eating.