Empower Yoga & Fitness, located in the medical center area of Morgantown, West Virginia, offers both heated and unheated yoga classes as well as barre classes. Whether you are searching for a class that is chill, not-so-chill, or something a little in between, you can find it here at Empower with our team of thoughtful, creative, and energetic yoga and barre teachers.

Our yoga classes concentrate on the breath to help you find mindfulness, focus, and balance as you find length and strength in your practice. Whether you find your Zen hitting it hard in our Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga class, slowing it down a little in Power Basics, toning it up in Barre, or taking it super chill with Gentle Flow and Meditation, you will leave the studio feeling better mentally and physically. Through your practice and mindful breathing, we encourage you to take what you find here at the studio and carry it forward into your daily life, empowering you in all that you do.


A little something for everyone. YOGA classes suitable for all levels ranging from an athletic style yoga flow to a slower paced, gentler flow. If you are not feeling a straight up yoga class and looking to mix it up a bit, BARRE classes will tone you up with a little bit of everything.


Our instructors are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds, but what is consistent is that all of them are kind, committed and inspirational.

Do you have questions about our Yoga studio or our classes?

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