A little something for everyone.

*NOTE: To participate in heated classes, individuals must be at least 16 years old with signed Parent/Guardian consent.

Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga

These all levels classes use mindful breathing to link poses and movement to develop an active, athletic, and powerful yoga flow. With their varying sequences you’ll build strength, increase flexibility, and fine tune your focus as you more than likely will find yourself breaking a sweat! Our Hot Power Yoga classes, where room temperatures range from 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit, are guaranteed to have you glowing! Be sure to bring water and a towel to any of these classes!

Hot Power Basics

This slower paced class offers all the benefits of our Power Yoga while helping you develop solid pose alignments and breath control. From your first flow to you shvasana this class serves all levels and allows an ideal space to play, and deepen your practice! Our Hot Power Basics classes’ room temperatures range from 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

EmPower Down

An uptempo creative flow that gets you excited to work hard and ready to wind down for the night. All levels are welcome for this heated 60 minute class. Room temperatures range from 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dharma Yoga

**Currently not on schedule**

During a Dharma Yoga class, you can expect to flow through a vinyasa, hold in postures (asana) and focus on breathing (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).  It is a well-rounded class, with engaging asana practice, as inspired by the class outlines and teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra, a yoga teacher of over 50 years who continues to teach at his center in New York City at age 82.

For 12 weeks, we will be offering Dharma Yoga led by Rebecca Riley at a community rate while she completes her internship through the Dharma Yoga Center of New York. So come experience Dharma Yoga during a 75-minute class (slightly warm but un-heated) and see how it feels in your practice!

* Dharma Yoga was founded in 1975 by Sri Dharma Mittra of New York City. It is based off of Classical Eight-limbed or Hatha-raja Yoga as he learned through devoted study. Sri Dharma is well-recognized from his Master Chart of 908 poses which has served as inspiration for yoga asana practice since he created it in 1984 as a gift to his Guru Swami Kailashananda.


Barre is a low-impact, high-intensity fitness class that combines elements of yoga, pilates, barre movements and strength training. You will sculpt every muscle group, with a focus on toning your seat, legs, core and arms while getting a heart healthy cardio workout. Barre classes are suitable for ALL levels… and most importantly it’s fun! 

Barre Express

All the elements and benefits of our one-hour all levels Barre class condensed into 45 minutes!  You will still receive the same low-impact, high-intensity fitness class which combines elements of yoga, pilates, barre movements and strength training to tone your gluts, legs, core and arms while getting a cardio workout.

Hot Barre Express

**Currently not on schedule**

Our 45 minute Barre Express class (see class description above) with added heat! Room temperatures range from 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The benefits of added heat includes improved flexibility, increased range of motion, and a little extra kick to your cardio workout. We recommend being well hydrated before and after class. Bring your own yoga/barre mat, water, and a towel and prepart to get your sweat on!